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The Story Behind

Joud is an artistic brand of home accessories initiated in 2010. Joud turns everyday objects into illustrative pieces of art , as its designs reflect both the Middle East and the West, they combine cultures reflecting real experiences. Egypt and the Middle East in general have a spark, the atmosphere which surrounds us is rich and inspirational. Elegance of Europe merges within our rich culture, adding a twist and simplicity to the designs.

Deena Fadel An Artist, entrepreneur and recently a coach and aspiring writer, and a student at the functional medicine health coaching Institute. Deena Fadel is the founder of Joud and Tamara Fabrics. Her unique outlook on life that’s laced with color, vibrancy, and inspiration reflects her passion for all things artistic. You can see her creative soul reflected in every piece she paints or designs. Deena and her truly inspiring brand story were featured in several international media outlets such as and BBC News. She was also announced as one of the top 16 female entrepreneurs on Born and raised in the United Kingdom, with a few years spent in Qatar, Deena is now residing in her home country, Egypt. Initially, a budding passionate artist who acquired several awards in the field of Art and Design, the first of which was won at the tender age of 3 in a national drawing competition that was later featured in the press. Her artwork was exhibited in various Middle Eastern and European countries such as Turkey, Qatar, UK, and the US. One of Deena’s paintings was also selected to be on the front cover of the Middle East in London magazine. With another painting serving as inspiration for OW’s new collection and displayed at the Las Vegas hospitality show. Her business venture started with Joud, a homeware brand that she founded in 2010, followed by Tamara Fabrics (a brand by Joud) that was founded 4 years later. Joud started as a one- man show that has now bloomed into an ever-growing team of 30+ employees. Deena believes with all her heart in creating brands with a soul. This has led her to recently dive into the life-changing world of self-development by studying coaching in the UK under the masterful hands of Robert Holden himself. She’s also been channeling her art through writing and looking at the world through the window of her soul. All of which gave a new dimension to her work that can be seen and felt. She knows that no matter where her art takes her next, as long as inspiration runs through her mind, body, and soul she’ll have all the energy it takes to carry through the tough and enticing terrains of entrepreneurial success.


Quality Standards


Because at Joud, we believe that every thing great begins with an idea, we focus on inspiring people to change


Our designs are exclusive, and we believe designs are the perfect examples of ideas made visible.


Not only that we deliver, but we also have 5 branches that make it easier for you to reach us around Cairo