Bardagosh - Sage

Bardagosh - Sage

بردقوش / Bardagosh/ Salvia Multicaulis / Sage
* This native Sage variety has nearly vanished in the wild due to over collection; competition for commercial gain has lead people to sweep up wild Bardagosh as it flowers, stunting seed maturity.
- Bardagosh is precious to the Bedouin; the flowers and leaves are traditionally consumed as a tea with honey or included in herbal infusions to treat a cough, lower blood pressure or relieve toothaches.
● Herbal mix: Bardagosh, Marmareya and Wild Rose blend well together to make a smooth, aromatic and soothing tea, especially for women during menstruation.

150ml glass jar

Size:8.5 x 5.7 x 5.7 cm

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