1. Hang it up

Think pink! Once again, we see a flower take center stage. It is proof that a pop of paint can work its magic in any space, no matter how small. A dried floral arrangement hanging on the wall adds a sweet touch.

  1. Piece it together

Do not feel the need to follow a specific pattern when painting your space. If you do not want to cover an entire door using just one paint color, get creative and make each section unique, as illustrated. Then sit back and admire the final design… or let the design evolve by adding to the mural over time!

  1. Use patterns in fabrics

Use curtains or other sort of fabrics to add a little touch to your already maxed out wall, always be aware of the of the color of the wall because it needs to be as plain as possible!

  1. Paint half a wall

Painting half of a wall (top or bottom!) is a more subtle way to add pizzazz to a space—and absolutely counts as a geometric shape! This blue example from this home in the Netherlands almost looks like it could have been in the room all along. Hang some eye-catching geometric artwork in close proximity to complete the look, and there you have it, a major room upgrade!