7 Items you can use to redecorate your space during Eid!



Candles will add warmth and low lighting to your space, making it essentially more welcoming and less cold to new visitors.



This item will always add to your surface, table, or dinning table. Try as much as you can to pick the matching colors and the best pattern for your space and furniture.


3.Table covers:

Plain tables are not that attractive if they are not covered with the best covers and the most colorful, and like the runners, choose the best one to match colors and designs.



Also can be use as light source, and a decor item just like the candles.



A sound wall art, however, gives a finishing to the house. It's like giving a final touch to a product. It provides the house with a smooth look. If everything in the room is well coordinated with each other.



Plates aren't always for eating, they can also be used to decorate your space, especially if they are made to impress.


7.Tea Boxes:

Have you ever struggled with tea bags, they are small and messy and very hard to organize, also their packages are often ugly to display. Well, might have the solution just for that! Tea boxes are very cool to display, very practical and the item will ad a decorative touch to your home.