1. Sit Down with Your Child

This sounds simple. But very often, parents are multi-tasking or walking around, while a child is trying to communicate or get their parent’s attention. Be attentive and make eye contact. Five minutes of your undivided attention with your child is better than 15 minutes of distracted communication.

  1. Read Together.

Establish a habit of reading together. You get to snuggle together and enjoy a good story at the same time. Also reading strengths your child’s linguistic development, talk about added benefits!

  1. Family Games

Whether it is board games, ball games, sports or even computer games, the key is to play together as a family. As the saying goes, “The family that plays together stays together.”

  1. Schedule Family Mealtime

Turn the television off. Remove phones and gadgets from the dining table and plan to have family mealtime together. Fix a time when everyone in the family can join in. If working parents find it difficult during the weekday, schedule family mealtime for the weekend. Eating together is not just about food. This is a time when a parent and child can have a conversation, provide affirmation and encouragement, and problem solve.

  1. One-On-One Dates

Each parent can make special one-on-one dates with your child to do something that they would enjoy. Not only does this make your child feel special, but it gives you a perfect opportunity to get to know your child better.