If in the end you did not decide to paint the house in summer, then do not hesitate: January is the right month for it. With the change of the seasons, it is inevitable that we will increasingly crave a renewal, a change of scenery. That is where color comes into play, your most faithful ally when it comes to hitting a style and giving a radical change to any of our rooms.


For this, if we want our house to be up to date, we should be aware of trends in colors for the house, something that will make it easier for us to choose the right house color trends. Obviously, the final choice will always depend on the style of your house and above all on your personal preferences, but it is always useful to have a reference guide to find inspiration.



Another of the colors of the moment, beige also emphasizes that ethereal component of natural spaces. As the new Joud Home catalog already ventured, in 2021 beige will return with more force and with different textures, which emphasize that search for comfort, spaces in which the ephemeral presence of certain decorative elements in darker tones stands out, like earth color.

Dark blue

A fresh and cheerful color that adapts very well to hot climates, and that, combined with other neutral colors, gives our rooms a touch of personality and very sophisticated warmth. Combined with furniture and decorative elements in ocher tones, the result is sensational.






Off white

The most basic and traditional of all colors manages to provide that feeling of comfort and tranquility typical of serene colors and emphasizes the natural and human element that the purest shades of white lack.


For all those who want to continue betting on the Nordic and minimalist style, gray, which could be thought of giving darkness to the rooms, is actually a very fresh color with unrivaled elegance and style.